Attend Event System

Attend Event System is an enterprise branded event app, with an accompanying SaaS hosted CMS that increases delegate attendance, interaction and engagement. This mobile event app is a companion to your corporate events, from breakfast seminars to multi-day conferences, enabling you to reach out and engage with your attendees, enriching their experience and creating lead generation opportunities from your events. Tumba Solutions played a main role in development, supporting and extending Concep’s product for event management.

Concep Attend by Tumba Solutions
Concep Attend by Tumba Solutions

Concep is a provider of empowerment marketing technology and services to corporate and professional firms globally.Trusted long-term partner to over 200 firms globally, delivering enterprise wide email marketing and mobile business development technology and supporting services. Concep ATTEND deepens the engagement with clients and leverages your investment by bringing the event experience alive on a personal device. A corporate event app becomes a valuable resource that gets used repeatedly for all your firms’ events, streamlining event preparation, improving processes and an increasing event ROI.

“Concep ATTEND is not just an event app, its backend content management platform allows you to publish endless events across all the major mobile devices. It’s also an integral BD tool for relationship owners, that helps generate a higher return from your events.”

– Mark Power, Founder, Concep

Solution Design represents a complex system built using multiple desktop and mobile technologies. The solution consists of multiple products taking with each other in order to achieve optimal engagement with the event life cycle:

  • CMS for managing the event and mobile application
  • Build system for app creation and branding
  • Custom cross smartphone solution platform

Attend by Tumba Solutions

The Content Management System is used for managing the event life cycle and smartphone content. Using the CMS event administrators can create event details, venue information, time tables, sponsors & partners references, resources & presentations, upload speakers & attendees details. One of the most used feature is the app building and the UI/UX control of the app content. Pre-event activities are all concentrated in event program and agenda creation, speakers setup and adding information about the venue, transportation and accommodation, sending invites. During the event the CMS helps by sending messages to the participants event updates directly to the smartphone app using push notifications, create polls and feedback request that are send to the app. Post-event the organizer can review and export reports for the app usage, most visited lecture and other metrics.

Mobile Application is updated from the CMS and the event administrator can manage the attendee and speaker mobile experience. Updating the app content is realtime and there is no need of the app re-submission to the mobile markets therefor the users will always see latest content. Additionally the administrator can change the app branding and update the mobile application navigation by adding new sections that might be specific for the event, control the timetable. Attendees and speakers can create personal agenda, connect and chat with each other using the application. Download the additional resources added from the CMS and use the application to answer polls, send feedback and even ask the speaker event related questions during the event.

Smartphone platform is designed to work with multiple mobile technologies in order to introduce easier support and update the mobile application whenever they are for Android, iOS or BlackBerry devices. Each smartphone vendor is using native technologies for app creation and in order to build an app for that vendor the developers need to create the app from scratch.App BuildingApp Building There are other solutions, like the Hybrid Technologies, so developers can build one application and distribute it for all vendors but this approach contains a lot of limitations (to learn more you can read the article about the Native vs Hybrid development). Creating a custom platform for the customer, where using the power of the native development along some hybrid features, introduced an agile approach to manage and create apps from the Application Builder Module in the Attend System. The smartphone platform contains powerful mobile runtime for Android, iOS and BlackBerry which is reacting to multiple changes done by a backend used for app builder. Main features of the custom smartphone platform introduced via the Application Builder product are:

  • App branding
  • Creating app screens (native and hybrid)
  • Generating UI, icons and images
  • Logos and other aspects of the smartphone app look, feel and usage.
  • Updating without the need of re-submission to the markets

Once the mobile application is created an automatic build system for continuous integration takes over and produces the binaries for the supported vendors ready to be published in Google Play, App Store and App World from where the users can download the apps for the events.

Once the apps are in the stores Attend Event System handles all the app management for the events.