Based on the principle of shared economy startups, mid-August 2015 GoGoFish launched a digital platform in Bulgaria for shared fishing trips that will allow fishermen to reduce their spending on hobbies and favorite places to try and fisheries, which have always dreamed of.
GoGoFish is an online application for shared outings, whereby fishermen will be able to join the trips of colleagues based on their preferences for location, date, price and more. They will also announce theirs own outings when they have vacancies, so as to share the costs and the whole experience with adherents. The main benefits of GoGoFish local fishermen will have the opportunity to:
    – Reduce the cost of your favorite hobby as share them with other fishermen
    – To go more often to fish and try affordable dream types of fish, including trophy sea “monsters” in neighboring countries
    – To share the bait and equipment in order to make their experience even more enjoyable
    – To select specific seats and fisheries that meet their preferences

Go fishing together, while making new friendships at gogofish.com