#SpoDari means in Bulgarian “do charity while doing sports”. The initiative was born in the summer of 2015 as a response to а regular state, observed in IT companies – sitting and working for long hours with limited time for sports. However, within the last 2 years there are more and more sport competitions, which are extremely appealing to IT professionals – running marathons, cycling and endurance races. In 2016 the initiative was spread out beyond the Bulgarian IT communities through football tournaments.

#SpoDari is the perfect combination of doing sports, raising donations and awareness of selected good social causes.

The mechanic is simple – every time an employee participates in a sports event, the employer gives charitable contribution to a cause of his selection by using the hashtag. Thus #SpoDari idea is spread – sharing moments together, staying healthy by doing sports and doing good for humanity.

Join the cause: in Facebook or at http://www.spodari.org/