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If you want to live by this Manifesto and you have:

  • keen interest for iOS, Android, Swift, Java
  • a few years of experience in a dynamic project environment, preferably in mobile development
  • have worked with agile methodologies
  • have actively participated in project/product creation

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The Challenge of being a regional hub

The Challenge of Being a regional it hub

Over the past 10 years Bulgaria has developed into one of the world’s major technology hubs. To meet the increased demand most IT services companies have started to work only with a view on deliverables and timelines, disregarding a major aspect of our work:

The need to contribute with ideas, further develop our knowledge and create amazing software.

Challenge accepted


In 2014 we founded Tumba Solutions as a response to that problem. We came together as an A-Team of experienced developers who share a passion to co-create with our clients, and satisfy our insatiable curiosity through constant learning. In this way, we introduce a paradigm shift:

The world to perceive Bulgaria not only as an outsourcing destination, but as a land of innovation where expertise and out-of-the-box thinking beat cost.

Have an A-player mindset


There’s no room for mediocrity at Tumba Solutions.

We contribute equally with ideas about technologies, algorithms and products and we co-create with our clients’ teams as to understand end-user requirements, formulate use cases, and develop pragmatic and effective technical solutions.

Solve the right kind of problems

Solve the right kind of problems

We love technical challenges that teach skill and mastery!

You may find us working late just because we want to find a better way to solve a tough problem. We like getting things done but we don’t waste time on problems that don’t matter – fixing the code of a junior developer somewhere in the world is not what we do.

Stay curoius


Craftsmen see their work as a piece of themselves - a representation of their highest creativity and technical skill. In the same way, we like to see our code materialize in beautiful and functional software.

Growth and learning are not just clichés to us. We embrace learning and practicing new technologies and methods, when they are the best fit for the job. We won’t get stuck in a particular technology, just because it’s in our comfort zone.

Freedom and fun

Our F* Words

Hierarchy and structure might come up as words in our developer talk but they are never part of our conversations when we speak about Tumba Solutions’s culture. We live a culture of open communication and our roles and responsibilities change with every new project. Freedom and fun are our common F* words. To a strict corporate culture, we say another kind of F*.